About Villa Conchi

Villa Conchi is the Ruiz de Galarreta country home named after Conchi, the family ́s matriarch. The Villa Conchi Cava brand portfolio was named in her honour and after the house. It is not only a modern and elegant range of Cava expressing the best that Spain can offer, it is also a tribute to a woman who inspired many with her elegance and distinction and who happened to love quality sparkling wines.

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Villa Conchi

Sustainable Portfolio

Sustainability in the vineyard

Sustainable or rational agriculture is standard practice in the Villa Conchi vineyards. This vineyard management philosophy maximises natural methods that guarantee the future agricultural viability of the land. Biological, technical and other farming practices are carefully adhered to in order to maintain a natural balance and a viable agricultural future.

Sustainability in the vineyard, the winema- king (vegan & organic) and other aspects.